Digital Revolutions: £10,000 Social Media Short Competition

Submitted by iofilm on Wed, 07/14/2010 - 11:15

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, today announced the launch of the “Digital Revolutions” short film competition, with Sheffield Doc/Fest, the biggest documentary film festival in the UK and Crossover, an international digital media and content programme.

The Institute has put up £10,000 for the top prize in the public category, with everyone over 18 encouraged to have a go.

To enter, participants must submit films of up to three minutes that show how they see the world they live in, and how information and information technology impacts it.

The aim is to build a unique snap shot of how people view the information society that we live in today. However, creativity and skill alone won’t be enough. The competition is taking a unique approach and will also look at how entrants use social media to get their films noticed. Building a fan base for your film will be as challenging as creating the film itself.

To enter, films must be submitted to the Digital Revolutions channel on YouTube and an entry form on Digital Revolutions must be completed.

Elizabeth Sparrow, President, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, said:

“We want people in the UK to tell us how their lives have been changed by information and information technology and what this might mean for their communities in the future. We think this will be the biggest ever information competition to unlock the public’s creativity and we’ve teamed up with Sheffield Doc/Fest and Crossover to deliver that”.

Heather Croall, Director, Sheffield Doc/Fest said:

“This unique competition will explore the effects of the digital revolution on the lives of people in the UK. We want people to use their creativity to show how information and information technology has affected every aspect of their lives, including in the areas of safety, health, citizenship, communication, culture, the environment, commerce and work. We’ll also be looking at how social media has been used to promote the films. While it’s never been easier to produce and share content, getting it seen and building up some momentum behind it is a challenge when so much material is out there.”

Entrants will also have the chance to speak to experts and get advice on producing and marketing their films before entering at regional workshops run by Crossover.

Frank Boyd, Director, Crossover said: “Crossover will be hosting a series of regional workshops where potential entrants are encouraged to take the opportunity to have their questions answered and get expert advice first hand. We will be focused on helping people develop their material and unlock their creative potential so that they can express their ideas in the best possible way. We’ll also be sharing advice on how digital content is best marketed and distributed online to ensure that the films are seen by the widest possible audience.”

Further details of the workshops will follow shortly, as well as a full list of judges.

The winning entries will be decided by a panel of five judges including Frank Boyd, Heather Croall, Elizabeth Sparrow, President of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. A further two high-profile judges will be announced soon.

Entries will open today and close on Friday 15 October 2010. The winners will be announced on 5 November 2010 at an event at Sheffield Doc/Fest that winners will be invited to attend.