Sony Seeks 3D Film Content Competition

Submitted by iofilm on Tue, 05/11/2010 - 12:35

Sony is running a competition for budding 3D filmmakers (closing date: 9 July 2010). The winning entries will be used on its in-store demo Blu-ray disc and given to purchasers of its new line of Sony BRAVIA 3D TVs.

Filmmakers who submit a 5-10 minute stereoscopic short, using active shutter technology, will also be automatically entered into a prize draw. There are 3D BRAVIA TVs to be won, and a special judging event where the shortlisted films will be shown to an "elite" judging panel.

The stereoscopic 3D shorts should work with active shutter technology rather than red-blue anaglyph.

The competition web site says:

"In terms of content, we don’t mind if it’s character animation, a VFX sequence, motion graphics or a particularly cool arch-viz flythrough. The key factors are that it’s of a professional standard, has good quality stereo 3D, and is suitable for family viewing!"

The competition requires that you render two sequences as single stream progressive scan 1920×1080 24fps (using any codec that plays back on a current non-3D PlayStation 3) with stereo sound – one for right eye, one for left.

For initial judging, the video should be arranged as two, side-by-side, horizontally compressed 960×1080 images, left eye image on the left. The 960×1080 images will then be expanded to fill the 16:9 1920×1080 screen for viewing. You’ll need to use a composing package to combine the two sequences into one piece of footage.

Winning entries selected for inclusion on the demo Blu-ray disc will need to be delivered as two sets (left eye and right eye) of 1920×1080 TIFF or TARGA frames and a 48KHz Wav file for the sound (stereo or surround).