Lasse Hallstrom's Cider House Rules

Submitted by Bazza on Wed, 03/01/2000 - 03:58

What does a Swedish film director look like? More to the point, what does a Swedish film director whose early work includes Abba: The Movie and a segment for The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour that was dropped from the final edit look like? Bitter, probably.

Waiting to meet Lasse Hallström, then, I'm half expecting a grim Benny Anderson-Bjorn Borg hybrid: wispy beard, blonde hair, good English, bad headband, white flared Elvis-in-Stockholm jumpsuit. 

Clockwork Orange Re-released

Submitted by Rajan Malhotra on Sat, 02/26/2000 - 01:21

Twenty six years after it was initially withdrawn from cinema screens Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange is finally receiving a full UK wide distribution. Rajan Malhotra looks at how, with its notorious scenes of violence, A Clockwork Orange became one of the most darkly enigmatic works of the cinematic age.

During its absence, Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange has taken on a mystique which has rarely surrounded a film since. It has achieved a notoriety which has, over the years, given it something akin to legendary status.

Jinnah Film Review

Submitted by Expat on Sun, 10/11/1998 - 00:57

It is 1947. Now that India is no longer a British colony, politician Mohammed Ali Jinnah (Christopher Lee) sets himself a simple task: "To carve out a country. But how and where to start?" The founding father of Pakistan is faced with a King Solomon conundrum, but errs on the side of partition, with a new country that will safeguard the rights of the Muslim minority by breaking free of Hindi-dominated India. An advocate of fair play and religious freedom, Jinnah militates for a separation of faith and state.